The Magic Knot

Today I started my Spicier blanket, but was dreading all those pesky ends. I love using lots of colour, but the inevitable result is a seemingly neverending number of ends to work in.

Here’s an example of a project I’m working on that presents this problem, and some days I can’t face it:


I’ve heard a great deal about the magic knot, and people swear by it, so I thought I’d give it a bash. I took to YouTube to investigate. I learn faster if I’m shown how to do something rather than just having it explained.

The brilliant designer, Helen Shrimpton, has a great video explaining how to change colours at the end of a row using a magic knot.

I gave it a try (well…a few tries to be honest) and voila!


I can’t deny that knots make me nervous, and I don’t like that I can see it (although the border will cover it, so that is less of an issue). I fret about my work coming undone (despite the fact that none of my work ever has), which is why I sew in ends like my life depends on it, but I’ve decided that this will be my test blanket. I will wash it in the washing machine a few times, and let my darling grandson use it as roughly as toddlers do. If it holds it will be a wonderful technique to use in future.

Have a super day everyone.