The nostalgia of knitting and Tunisian Crochet

When I was six years old, my grandmother taught me to knit and Tunisian Crochet. I remember it clearly, because that is when my love of fibre arts was born. Catch them while they’re young, and all that. My real love affair with very special yarns came much later, but at that young and impressionable age I remember feeling the wonder that is the creation of something tangible with a stick and some stringy stuff.

Hello! It’s been a while…

Good morning to you all from a sunny Free State in South Africa.  I haven’t been around for a very long while.  It’s been quite the roller coaster.  I started my shop The Funky Sheep Shop and am loving the interaction with customers.  It’s hard work, but really worthwhile.

What I haven’t had so much is a chance to chat to you as regularly as before, which really needs to be righted.  I’ve got so many gorgeous products in my shop, but the one that really has my eye at the moment is the Stylecraft Batik Swirl.  It is a divine cake made up of colours from the Stylecraft Batik collection, and I can’t wait to make something gorgeous.  Not too long ago I used the Batik yarn to create a Willow Blanket, which came out wonderfully.

2017-10-16 19.32.16.jpg

Now I need ideas for something a little different.  The Batik Swirl is 200g / 550m of 20% wool and 80% premium acrylic in DK weight.  It is lovely and soft, and I love how the colours are muted.  They come in six colourways at present.

They are Blue Ocean, Foxglove, Poppy Field, Purple Mist, Rainbow and Stargazer.  I hardly know which to choose first.  I’m mostly drawn to the Blue Ocean and am thinking a scarf.  The 200g ball should make a rather nice scarf and the wool content will ensure it is gorgeous and warm for winter.  It’s the dog days of summer at the moment, and we are having some pretty warm days, but the mornings and evenings are just cool enough to suggest that winter is not too far away.  Here in the Eastern Free State it can get to -16, so lovely woolly accessories are never a waste.

What have you made with this gorgeous yarn?  Please share your makes.

That’s it for today folks.  Wishing you all a super day.




It’s a busy time of year 🎄

I haven’t been around for a bit as I was in hospital for a week receiving treatment for my lupus, which is in rather a vicious mood.  The benefit of being stuck in a hospital bed was it gave me a lot of time to plan and crochet a bit.


I’m working on Christmas decorations, and just love the Christmas angel that I have designed freehand.  She’s still a work in progress and needs wings, arms and a halo.  I’m also going to crochet Christmas baubles and make little beaded trees.  It’s all terribly Christmasy.  I’ve crocheted the angel in the amigurumi style. which gives a nice tight fabric for holding stuffing without any peeking through.  Amigurumi is so much fun!  It’s lovely to see the characters appear beneath your fingers.

There is also some very exciting news.  I will be opening an online shop, that will showcase my work and that of other local crochet artists, as well as other handmade crafts.  I can’t wait to tell you more!

And that’s it for today.  Please share your makes and plans for a crochet Christmas.  🎄



Book Review: “Crochet Crazy Girl: My Colorful Life”

2017-10-15 15.24.03

I love colour!

My friend, Wendy, is a wonderful lady with a beautiful home that is decorated in a really bohemian style, with her lovely crochet everywhere.  Wendy loves colour and uses it with a quiet confidence.  You might know her as Crochet Crazy Girl.  She has a great Facebook Group, Crochet Crazy Girl Group.

I was delighted when I learned that Wendy had published a book. It is called “Crochet Crazy Girl:  My Colorful Life”.


It is a glorious book filled with her delightful makes and incredible photos.  One might say that the book is more than just a collection of crochet patterns, it is just a comfortable on the coffee table.   Enormous care has been taken with the photography, and there are patterns for every skill level.  Like me, Wendy lives in South Africa’s Eastern Free State, for which we are very fortunate.  There is inspiration everywhere, and you can really see how the bright colours of her work enhance the delicate colours of our landscapes and buildings. It is simply a feast for the eyes, and you’ll be hauling out your hooks to be sure.

If you would like to get your hands on a copy in South Africa the cost is R245 and R95 for the courier.  Email Wendy at  The book is only available in English, and uses US terminology.

If you live outside South Africa, the book can be ordered from Amazon.

Happy crocheting!