Spicier Life CAL is nearly here! 🌶

I can truly say that I generally don’t follow CALs other than to admire people’s work. Reading about the new Spicier life CAL, starting tomorrow, I made a decision to finally participate in a CAL. This one is by Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart and Black Sheep Wools. Check out the details on her website: http://www.cherryheart.co.uk. Even though I’m a more advanced crocheter, I sometimes find easy to intermediate patterns fun and soothing.

My decision led to a flurry of activity this evening. I leapt out of bed, where I was reading, to haul out my massive 180litre tubs of Stylecraft Special DK. This was no small feat considering I have a gimpy shoulder from a recent injury, and the other is stubbornly arthritic. Nevertheless I ploughed ahead with fox- terrier determination (two of my seven dogs are fox terriers, so I can attest to their stubborness). At first I toyed with using one of the predetermined colourways, but I wasn’t really drooling over any to be honest. Bollywood was a maybe…but no, I decided to make up my own. I needed 14 complementary colours. I was thinking some blue, a little green, and cream and a few other neutrals to tie it all together.  I know it doesnt fit with the “spicy” theme, but it’s what works for me.

After working through an enormous number of delightfully squishy balls of fabulousness I arrived at my final choice.

14 balls in total of Stylecraft Special DK in:

Cream | Cloud Blue | Gold | Aster | Lobelia | Lime | Petrol  | Bluebell | Camel | Turquoise | Parchment | Sage | Buttermilk | Storm Blue

I used the chart that comes with the downloadable PDF on Sandra’s website (see above). I also added snips of each colour to the chart for instant recognisability. Excuse the messiness.


And that’s it. I’m all ready for tomorrow. Yay!

Ģoodnight and sweet dreams from a rainy Rosendal in South Africa.