Lockdown: time for reflection and creativity

I didn’t think I’d really write anything about the Corona virus, but as it’s spread across the planet, it is front and centre on most of our minds. From midnight tonight the whole of South Africa will be in lockdown. This is already the case for people in other parts of the world. In the shops there is mass panic buying, and the overall mood is one of great stress. While this measure will most certainly cause financial hardship, I firmly believe it is the right thing to do to arrest the upward curve of COVID-19.

Speaking to my brother on the phone yesterday he said something that really resonated: the world will be a very different place after this. I really reflected on that, and believe he is right. We are faced with a huge crisis, and that will no doubt change us all in ways we might not yet realise.

Crafters are in a position where we can keep our hands busy with our beloved craft, whatever crafts those might me. For me it is crochet, and less often it is knitting. I find the meditative nature of crochet (and knitting) soothing, comforting, and it allows me space and time for thought and reflection. While I am very worried about friends and family members I realise I cannot control that which is beyond my control, but I can do what I can to make a difference. I can start with myself, and ensure that I act in a way that respects myself and others.

Being at home for 21 days gives me lots of time to finish up the redoing of my crafty nook slash office. I get to finish my WIPs before the Fruit Garden CAL begins. I can have much needed afternoon naps, and I can read those books I’ve been meaning to. I can cook, I can bake, and I can spend time with my most beloved person, my husband Matt.

To all my blog readers I wish you the strength and fortitude you need to get through this time. Please take good care of yourselves and those you love.

About Ginahttp://thefunkysheep.blogI am an obsessive crocheter, and occasional knitter. I also love collecting fabulous yarns.

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